‘The Crucible/Hexenjagd’ sets (with Hugh Hudson)

Staatstheater Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany


Stage sets for Hugh Hudson-directed adaptation of Robert Ward's opera of The Crucible/Hexenjagd, from the play by Arthur Miller, performed at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany, between May 2016 and January of the following year.

"For the sets of The Crucible, I tried to transform the interior of the theatre into something did what entirely different from the normal experience; and moving from John Proctor as he moved from moments of the euphoria of life through to Those dark and terrible moments that we experience, moving from polychromatic expression to monochromatic use of light." – Brian, 2018

"Miller's witch hunt appears ostensibly to be a historical drama, but is more a parable of the communist incitement of the 1950s. Hugh Hudson, the Oscar-winning film director, dispenses with such allusions in his production, which is also his operatic debut. While the splendid costumes of Madeleine Boyd are historically modeled on, Brian Clarke's stage space shows abstract outlines of buildings in the midst of a stylized world of plants, the color of which darkens from act to act from bright green to black - a strong image for the inclusion of this community. How it gradually breaks apart through delusion and mass hysteria and human relationships suffer as a result, Hudson relates in a pleasantly traditional way: coherent.– Opera network culture magazine