Linear paintings, 2010


Series of canvases, vertical in format, painted in 2010. Several works are titled after locations – Firenze I, Tosacana I– referring to the region of Italy Clarke regards as the birthplace of 'line'. The architect Zaha Hadid referred to these paintings as "like drawings in space; as if drawing not on a canvas but in a volume".

I see the world through drawing. I’ve been waiting all my life for my line to express who I really am inside, deep down, honestly; I've arrived at that stage where quite naturally my painting have now become lines, just lines: when I finally found the courage to let my paintings become just line, it was like being let out of Alcatraz. There’s always a danger that you get sophisticated, which I want to avoid because line, emotionally expressive line, is against all that.” – Brian Clarke, 2011