‘Marks on a Blue Field’ paintings, 1992


Brian in 'Drawing on Architecture', 1994: "Any attempt to come close to an appreciation of the language of my paintings necessitates some appreciation of architecture. In one sense it is true to say that my paintings exist in independent isolation of my architectural activities, but it would create a false impression to leave it at that. All articulate artists develop a vocabulary and language of their own. It is formed out of aesthetic sense (taste) and out of the shuddering chaos of personal experience. It is a language given its poetic value by loss and by victory, by affection and by the death of those we love. Its syntax and structure are formed out of sensitivity to the external material world. Interior suffering and epiphany made coherent through the aegis of exterior physical sensibility. This language is nearly always characterised by particular obsessions. It takes very little time to identify that my particular obsessions are largely architectural." – from the monograph Brian Clarke: Architectural Artist.