New Olympus European Headquarters

Wendenstraße 18, Hamburg


Brian's scheme for what was the new Headquarters of Olympus Optical Europa GmbH, Hamburg, designed by Knueppel & Faber and opened in 1999. The screenprinted stained glass facade and ceiling, totalling 500 square metres, was coupled with a Venetian glass smalti mosaic of 40 square metres. The building was demolished in around 2016.

"This commission is exactly 20 years since the work I completed for Olympus in the older headquarters building in Wendenstraße. It was a great privilege and an enormous creative challenge to be invited to artistically revisit the project and contribute a new piece for Olympus and the new building. The artwork is expressed using technologies that have existed for a while, but this combination of float glass, printing, computer manipulation and the artist's hand is something I have working toward for a long time. It is a very new expression of artistic stained glass. The design is stored as computer data and can be recalled in order to recreate any panel or all of the composition should it be required." – from 'British artist Brian Clarke puts his signature on the new Olympus Building' by Sheila Hutchins, OLYMPUS, November 2000.