'Don't Forget the Lamb' 'Studies for Portraits’, 2007


These works are "a series of large portraits of influential figures in the artist’s life. 'Study for Portrait of John Piper', 2007, like many of the works in this exhibition, uses the human skull as a starting point. The skull forms the basis for these personal portraits; representing the elemental anatomy and architecture for the subject’s intellect which is then built upon with the emotive and psychological powers of color and form.The British artist John Piper, who died in 1992, was a mentor and early influence on the artist. He is represented here frontally, reminiscent of the perspective employed in Piper’s still lifes. Backlit by a luminous orange sun, the subject’s opaque skull is analogous to the lead of a stained-glass window. Additional works include portraits of Andy Warhol, Kenneth Clark, Henry Moore and Ben Nicholson." – from the catalogue for the 2008 Phillips de Pury New York exhibition Don't Forget the Lamb.