Flowers in the Dirt (Paul McCartney album)


Album cover and paintings designed and made by Brian Clarke for Paul McCartney's 1989 album, Flowers in the Dirt. Brian's concept paired his paintings and compositions of cut flowers with Linda McCartney's photography, producing a collaborative series of canvases and pictures. The photographs were shown at Linda's Flowers in the Dirt exhibition at the Mayor Gallery, London, in 1989. Brian also designed the stage sets for the tour that accompanied the album, The Paul McCartney World Tour.

"I got the idea for the Flowers in the Dirt cover when I was staying at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. I did a sketch and a faxed it back to Paul. He said he was interested and wanted to see it developed. By then I was in New Delhi and I did the painting there. I flew back with it one Thursday night and Linda and I went into the studio the following day, laid the flowers on the canvas - which was still wet - and worked on it until we got it right." – Brian in the programme for The Paul McCartney World Tour.