‘Marks on a Blue Field’ paintings, 1994–1996


Brian in 'Drawing on Architecture', 1994: "There was a time for me when making paintings was a means of somehow proving myself, of describing how well I was able to make the paint do what I wanted. There are exceptions, but on the whole my paintings provided me with a satisfaction analogous to the contentment felt by a signwriter with the power to contour a perfect Roman character. Occasionally, and by this I mean about 20 times in as many years, and usually (it seemed) by accident, a work unrelated to this pleasure would thunder through my filtering system of reticence and trepidation. These paintings were always, in one way or another, characterised by their ‘drawn’ quality. When I look back over my paintings is it to these few that I can most comfortably return." – from the monograph Brian Clarke: Architectural Artist.