Atlantes and Astragals

10th December 2011 to 22nd December 2011

Christie's, King Street, St James, London

Christie's press release for Atlantes & Astragals  Brian Clarke: series of stained glass panels and new paintings shown for the first time in Europe

Brian Clarke's "iconic Miami beach boys on display" at Christie's  London Evening Standard

"From 10 to 22 December 2011, Christie’s will show Atlantes and Astragals, an exhibition of works by Brian Clarke, the celebrated stained glass artist & painter. Uniquely amongst contemporary artists, Clarke works across different media, including sculpture, drawing, mosaic and tapestry as well as painting and glass, to create total environments in a manner akin to Renaissance masters. Brian Clarke will present seven paintings together with Studies for Atlantes, 2002, a series of six stained glass works depicting Miami beach boys, which will be on view in Europe for the first time. Alongside the glass panels, Clarke will also be showing paintings including the Via Dolorosa series. They share the unifying structural motif of a ‘frieze’ of a procession of Porsche motorcars driving across the top of the canvases. The main sections are largely abstract, with lachrymose dribbles of paint. These works are dominated by a palette of opaque blacks and blues, and provide a sombre, nocturnal counterpoint to the sunshine and humour of the Altantes."