Brian Clarke: Architectural Artist


With essays by Martin Harrison, Kenneth Powell, and a personal essay on painting, 'Drawing on Architecture', by Brian Clarke. First published in 1994 by Academy Editions, as part of their Art & Design Monographs series.

ISBN-10: 1854903454; ISBN-13: 978-1854903457

Cover photograph a detail of the scheme for EAM Kassel.

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"Starting with his first commissions in the early 70s, the artistic output of Brian Clarke has been extraordinary in its creative range, scope of projects, and international appeal. His knowledge of drawings, paintings, gilding, mosaic, calligraphy, heraldry, tapestries and stained glass has led him to see various concepts of artistic mediums as essential and integrated parts of a unified architectural structure. Applying his many talents to a number of architectural projects, his work includes set designs for the ballet and concerts, and his designs can be seen around the world in England, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States. His design projects, frequently in stained glass, are on display in: the New Synagogue in Darmstadt, Germany; the Lake Sagami Country Club, Japan; Stansted Airport, England; stage sets for Paul McCartney's World Tour and the tribute to Rudolf Nureyev; and in assorted shopping centres, restaurants and corporations. This book presents a pictorial overview of these and other works by Brian Clarke."