Night Orchids


Opening with a conversation between art critic Robert Storr and Brian Clarke, this book is a full catalogue of the Night Orchids series of works on paper  drawings, watercolour paintings, collage published to coincide with the exhibition of the same name at PACE Gallery London.

Hardback | 320 pp; 267 colour illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9933161-0-4
370 x 280 mm | 14.5 x 11 in

Available from HENI Publishing

"The physicality of paint and its natural progress towards not existing is a simulacrum for human experience. Drawing brings heightened awareness of both reason and instinct. The process, the routine of working, is as important as the resulting objects and I do at times fall into a workmanlike state of grace. Lost in line I happen upon moments in which I feel more intensely connected to being part of the world." – Brian in conversation with Robert Storr in the introduction.

Night Orchids (2016), book by Brian Clarke, published by HENI

Night Orchids (2016), book by Brian Clarke, published by HENI