Brian Clarke: On Line

The Art of Light

Night Orchids

'A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense: A Portrait of Robert Fraser', 2015

Brian Clarke: Works 1977-85/Spitfires and Primroses

Between Extremities

Atlantes and Astragals

Brian Clarke: Works on Paper 1969–2011

Life and Death

WORK, Steidl

Christophe, Steidl

Don't Forget the Lamb



Projects at Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Les Vitraux de la Fille-Dieu de Brian Clarke/Die Glasgemälde der Fille-Dieu von Brian Clarke

Brian Clarke–Linda McCartney: Collaborations

Architectural Artist, Academy Editions

Designs on Architecture at Oldham Art Gallery

Into and Out of Architecture at The Mayor Gallery

Art Random, Kyoto Shoin International

Malerei und Farbfenster 1977–1988, Hessisches Landesmuseum

Microcosm (Stained Glass and Paintings), Sezon Museum of Modern Art, 1987

'New Paintings' at the Robert Fraser Gallery

Brian Clarke, Quartet Books, 1980

Brian Clarke: Working Drawings, St. Edmunds Arts Centre

Architectural Stained Glass, McGraw-Hill, 1979

GLASS/LIGHT, Festival of the City of London, 1978