Royal Mosque, King Khalid International Airport

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Size : 2,000 sq metres ( 21,528 sq ft).
Client : The Government of Saudi Arabia.
Architect : Hellmuth, Obata, Kassabaum.

At the age of 26, Brian was commissioned by the Government of Saudi Arabia to design stained glass for the Royal Mosque at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA). After making a study of Islamic ornament at the Quran schools in Fez, he designed and oversaw the fabrication of the 2,000 square metres of stained glass for the Koranic library, and office, and the clerestory, skylights and corner windows of the main devotional space. Completed in 1982, at the time of its execution the project was considered to be the largest and most technically advanced stained glass project of the modern period, requiring the full staff of 5 European stained glass studios working for a year to fabricate. The skylight and clerestory windows surround the dome, 33 metres in diameter and internally clad in polished bronze, above the main space of the mosque, which accommodates 5000 worshippers.